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Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Appliance Available Through the Intel AppUp℠ Small Business Service Store


Simplify backup and disaster recovery management with the pre-configured Lenovo*-based BDR appliance, powered by StorageCraft* ShadowProtect Server 4 and Intel® Quick Access Technology, available on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform.







What our BDR appliance can do for you


With this unique BDR appliance, featuring Intel Quick Access Technology**, MSPs can offer fast onsite and offsite backup and permanent recovery for their small and medium business clients.


In the event of a system or disk failure, the BDR appliance can quickly produce an isolated virtual machine (VM) copy of the backed-up images as a recovered production server (or client). This permanently restored server can reside on the BDR appliance or on the repaired or replaced server at the client location.


**Intel Quick Access Technology lets MSPs provide their clients with instant access to a temporary virtual copy of the exact server environment that failed, with a data-state as recent as 1 to 15 minutes, eliminating the time it takes to do a full image restore before small business can have access to their latest work.


The changes in the data that take place while users are accessing their work area in this temporary VM will continue to be backed up to the BDR appliance, and will be ready for permanent restore through StorageCraft software when you feel the time is right.


What you get with the Intel BDR appliance compared to same-class competitors


1. Intel Quick Access Technology - the custom Intel code that enables a temporary virtual production server (or client) to run directly on the BDR appliance in a Virtual Machine (VR).


2. The ability to run additional applications from the Intel AppUp℠ Small Business Service Store on the BDR appliance (Limited by overall application load and memory).


3. A competitively priced BDR appliance managed remotely and built on the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform, with a monthly subscription basis for a lower per user cost.


4. Pre-configuration without the need to download and install StorageCraft or Level Platforms (LPI) software from the Store.


5. Bare-Metal recovery of a server system without the need of a recovery CD or flash drive.


You have questions? We have answers


your Intel AppUp Small Business Service Sales Representative to schedule a demo or if you have questions about the new BDR appliance.


Note: The standard Intel® Hybrid Cloud server test drive must be completed prior to testing the App of the Month. Contact your to take this test drive.


Note: Once you are ready to test the App of the Month you will be provided with a workbook to assist you through the process. You will be required to download and install the Intel Hybrid Cloud server manager console before starting this workbook.

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  • Monday, June 25th from 10:00PM to 12:00AM (PDT)
  • Tuesday, June 26th from 10:30AM to 12:30PM (IST)

Please schedule your server maintenance and installations around this maintenance timetable.
NOTE: Intel® Hybrid Cloud server operation and automatic data back-up activities will not be affected.