Intel Hybrid Cloud Description

Intel® AppUp℠ Small Business Service on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform

Intel AppUp℠ Small Business Service lets small businesses use “hybrid cloud,” offering benefits of cloud computing with server and data onsite offered through a subscription service.

The Intel® AppUp℠ Small Business Service on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform is unique to the market. No other supplier offers an on-premise, pay-as-you-go use model, and the flexibility to choose from a catalog of subscription software on a monthly fee model. For our partners, Intel has built the data center and server infrastructure to enable the metering, remote management, and security that make this new, flexible, and cost effective subscription service possible.

With the Intel Hybrid Cloud offering, your customers can trade high up-front capital expenditures for a scalable monthly operational expense that can scale according to YOUR customer’s business needs. Intel Hybrid Cloud addresses small business concerns of need to access to data locally and operating on LAN speed without dependence on Internet connectivity while working in compliment to cloud-based solutions.




Products Available 

Asigra Cloud Backup v11.


Why Choose

Why Choose Asigra Cloud backup?


Asigra Cloud Backup is an integral part of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution for any data protection environment.


Why a Small Business has an advantage using your product with the Intel Hybrid Cloud Platform?


Local and off-site data protection is the mandatory requirement for any solution chosen by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) from Intel AppUp Store




Question:  The Intel Hybrid Cloud (IHC) appliance enables me to keep a backup copy of my data. Why do I need to have another copy in the cloud?

Answer: Recent history has demonstrated that businesses can never have enough protection to protect their data against natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, Floods, malware, and human or machine errors. ICH keeps a local and an off-site copy of data to provide a complete data protection solution.


Question: I have a limited bandwidth connection. Does the Asigra backup software reduce the data size before it is sent off-site?

Answer: Yes, your data goes through data deduplication and compression to reduce the data size before it is sent off-site to the Cloud.


Question:  I have security concerns about sending my data to the cloud? What data protection does the Asigra Cloud Backup solution offer?

Answer:Asigra Cloud Backup offers a secure multi-tenant solution. Your data is encrypted before it is sent to the cloud. You retain the encryption keys. Hence, even a rouge employee, with proper credentials, within the Cloud provider’s data center cannot access or manipulate your data. There have been no security breaches or compromised systems in more than 25 years of Asigra’s operation and over 400,000 sites that are protected by Asigra worldwide.


Question: Some of my employees have laptops and handheld devices (tablets and smart phones) in the field. Is the data on these devices protected?

Answer: Yes, Asigra Cloud Backup provides data protection for your entire digital footprint that includes servers, desktops, and laptops on your LAN as well as remote tablets, smartphones, and laptops.


Question: Please explain how Intel collects my usage of Asigra Cloud Backup ?

Answer:  The Intel Hybrid Cloud appliance sends a report to Intel each month about your usage. Intel uses this usage info to bill you for usage.



Product Requirements


Product Requirements

Asigra Cloud Backup Oses (Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS, Android) DB’s (MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird)


Sales and Support Contacts for Asigra Products


Contact Information

Asigra Cloud Backup Sales Contact: Doug Ko
+1-416-736-8111 x1400

Support Contact: Sean Leclair
416-736-8111 ext. 1200