Customer Spotlight

Intel® Hybrid Cloud featuring Intel AppUp® SMB Service is already being deployed to dramatic—and efficient—effect. The case studies below showcase recent program applications across multiple industries.

Corporate Technologies Case Study
Learn how managed service provider Corporate Technologies and two of their small business customers benefit from the Intel AppUp SMB Service and the Intel Hybrid Cloud Platform.
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WEBIT Case Study
Learn how managed service provider WEBIT and three of their small business customers benefit from the Intel AppUp SMB Service and the Intel Hybrid Cloud Platform.
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Grand Rapids Gravel Company
Most people don’t think high tech when they hear gravel business, but Grand Rapids Gravel Company relies heavily on technology to manage costs and survive downturns in the economy.  See how the Intel AppUp SMB Service and managed IT from Corporate Technologies made their IT so reliable and affordable that they view it just like water – it’s just there and it always works.
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Technology Behind the Scenes at Providence Endodontics
Dr. Mark Holman, owner of Providence Endodontics, prefers to take care of his patients rather than worry about technology. “Technology is something that I like to have happen behind the scenes,” he says. The Intel AppUp SMB Service, delivered by WEBIT Services, was the reliable IT solution that this dental practice needed—just what the doctor ordered.
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CPA Firm Stays Up and Running During Tax Season
Jeff Waters, CPA, owns a small accounting firm in Glen Ellen, located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Jeff and his employees prepare more than 300 corporate and 1,000 individual tax returns each year. During the 2011 tax season, Jeff’s aging server had some problems that slowed down the workstations and hampered his staff’s ability to keep pace with preparing tax returns. Performance issues like this are annoying any time, but they can be devastating during tax season. Jeff turned to WEBIT for a new solution that allowed him to avoid the large capital expense of a new server and software, and starting paying for managed IT as a service, as a low monthly operational expense: The Intel AppUp SMB Service.

Small Water Distributor Finds Disaster Recovery Solution
In 2011, a direct lightning strike hit Water Options’ building and damaged their server and network equipment. Because they didn’t have a reliable backup system or plan, this natural disaster placed a cloud of crisis over their small business. Fortunately, the storm clouds included a small but important silver lining: Water Options didn’t lose their customer files. Water Options chose an innovative solution recommended by WEBIT Services, built on the Intel AppUp SMB Service, which provides cloud-like flexibility with the security and responsiveness of on-premises data and applications in a pay-as-you-go model..
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Midwest Air Filter
As a wholesale distributor of air filtration products, Midwest Air Filter depends on reliable trucks to deliver products on time. To manage costs, avoid large capital expenses, and maintain reliable equipment, they lease their trucks.
Learn how managed service provider Corporate Technologies and the Intel AppUp SMB Service, built on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform, helped them apply this same business model to their servers and software, making IT affordable and reliable.

Rowy Networks* – A study in flexibility.
Rowy Networks’ client, a lobbying firm, had a specific need that Intel Hybrid Cloud filled through cost savings, its turnkey nature and the confidence of onsite hardware. Intel Hybrid Cloud helped them to control their data and costs with on-premises servers and flexible pay-as-they-go payment options.
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Rowy Networks* – High expectations, low costs.
Rowy Networks’ client, a commercial property broker out of Sacramento, CA, was growing at an extremely fast rate. Intel Hybrid Cloud delivered a server solution that exceeded performance expectations on—and off—the bottom line.
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CPR* – Out with the old, in the with the affordable.
CPR*, a division of Corporate Technologies, LLC*, was concerned about the performance and reliability of their older server hardware. The solution: Intel Hybrid Cloud provided an end-to-end server leasing solution that boosted network and reliability without incurring dramatic costs.
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