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Intel Hybrid Cloud Description

Intel® AppUp℠ Small Business Service on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform

Intel AppUp℠ Small Business Service lets small businesses use “hybrid cloud,” offering benefits of cloud computing with server and data onsite offered through a subscription service.

The Intel® AppUp℠ Small Business Service on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform is unique to the market. No other supplier offers an on-premise, pay-as-you-go use model, and the flexibility to choose from a catalog of subscription software on a monthly fee model. For our partners, Intel has built the data center and server infrastructure to enable the metering, remote management, and security that make this new, flexible, and cost effective subscription service possible.

With the Intel Hybrid Cloud offering, your customers can trade high up-front capital expenditures for a scalable monthly operational expense that can scale according to YOUR customer’s business needs. Intel Hybrid Cloud addresses small business concerns of need to access to data locally and operating on LAN speed without dependence on Internet connectivity while working in compliment to cloud-based solutions.

GFI Software has collaborated with Intel to make GFI VIPRE Antivirus, GFI LanGuard, GFI EventsManager and GFI EndPointSecurity available through the Intel Hybrid Cloud. Small and Medium business will be able to able to drive significant cost savings and efficiencies through this model.




Products Available 

 GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business 4.0
GFI LanGuard V9
GFI EventsManager 2011
GFI EndPointSecurity V4



Why Choose

Why choose GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business 4.0?

GFI VIPRE Antivirus delivers seamless, tightly-integrated security solutions that deliver antivirus and antispyware protection, client firewall, and malicious website filtering technologies that protect against the ever-changing and sophisticated wave of malware in a comprehensive, highly efficient manner.

Why choose GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business 4.0 on the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform?

More and more SMBs are adopting cloud-based solutions to cut costs and streamline operations. However, many companies require that certain functionality and data remain on site. GFI Software's solution, via the Intel Hybrid Cloud, enables SMBs the best of both worlds. This approach provides fast and easy deployment of onsite solutions but with the flexibility of monthly payments based on actual usage. Through the IHC, GFI VIPRE Antivirus , is even easier to deploy, cost effective, and backed by a trusted industry leader.





Q:I already use WSUS, why would I need GFI LanGuard?

A:WSUS is a patch management tool that works only with Microsoft products and it is quite difficult to install and get running. It installs only on servers, requires Active Directory and IIS, has poor control over deployments and it is extremely hard to manage computers which are not part of the domain. On the other hand, GFI LANguard is easy to install on both servers and workstations, patches Microsoft and other software applications, and is a complete network security audit solution providing vulnerability assessment and network and software audit.

Q:How long will it take to scan “x” number of IPs, using LanGuard?

A:It depends on the size of the network and scan profile used, but on average around two minutes per IP.

Q:Why use GFI EndPointSecurity if I can block the drives using the computer BIOS?

A:Blocking through the BIOS is not practical and not everything can be properly blocked. With GFI EndPointSecurity, you do not need to waste any time accessing BIOS, changing settings and setting up password protection. Everything can be controlled remotely and transparently.

Q:What is the use of GFI EndPointSecurity if my organization requires that most users need access to devices?

A: Having an organization where users need access to devices essentially makes GFI EndPointSecurity even more crucial. Blocking use is only half the protection, so in your case, even though users have access, GFI EndPointSecurity enables you to log all operations performed by the users, generate reports, and keep an eye open for suspect behavior.

Q:Why do I need GFI EndPointSecurity if I can block access using the Active Directory Group Policy?

A:GFI EndPointSecurity provides a level of granularity that you will not get using Group Policy as well as various functions such as real time monitoring, more flexibility in applying permissions, and highly granular access. All these functions help keep your endpoints secure. GFI EndPointSecurity is easier to configure than Group Policy and can be used to protect computers not joined to a domain.

Q:I know I should be monitoring my events but I do not have the understanding and skills required to implement such a solution. What should I do?

A:GFI EventsManager comes with a wide-range of pre-set rules that allows the administrator, even with little knowledge of events management, to use the product effectively and out-of-the-box.

Q:How big is the database going to get?

A:You can collect events data from GFI EventsManager installations on multiple sites and locations across your network into a central database using the Database Operations functionality. This enables you to easily monitor thousands of workstations and servers across the network without impacting on bandwidth and storage use. It integrates and centralizes events collected/processed and allows you to backup/restore events on demand. Through database operations you can manage the size of the database – without the need for manual intervention – not only through centralization but by also being able to export events and back them up as needed.


Product Requirements


Product Requirements

GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business 4.0 Processor: Pentium III 400 MHz or higher
Memory:  1 GB
Physical Storage: 300 MB free disk space
GFI LanGuard V9 Processor: 2GHz Intel Pentium
Memory:  2GB
Physical storage: 2GB
Additional storage space depends on actual volume of scans done and stored.
GFI EventsManager 2011 Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz
Physical storage:  1 GB dedicated
Additional storage space depends on actual volume of events collected. On average 500GB storage area is recommended as a starting point. Memory: 2GB RAM
GFI EndPointSecurity V4 Processor: 2GHz processor clock speed
Memory:  1 GB
Hard Disk: 200 MB of available space.


Sales and Support Contacts for GFI Products


Support Contact

GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business 4.0 Address: 15300 Weston Parkway, Suite 104, NC, 27513 Phone: +1 (919) 297-1350 Website: support.gfi.com
GFI LanGuard V9 Address: 15300 Weston Parkway, Suite 104, NC, 27513  Phone: +1 (919) 297-1350 Website: support.gfi.com
GFI EventsManager 2011 Address: 15300 Weston Parkway, Suite 104, NC, 27513  Phone: +1 (919) 297-1350 Website: support.gfi.com
GFI EndPointSecurity V4 Address: 15300 Weston Parkway, Suite 104, NC, 27513 Phone: +1 (919) 297-1350 Website: support.gfi.com

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