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Intel Hybrid Cloud Description

Intel® AppUp℠ Small Business Service on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform

Intel AppUp℠ Small Business Service lets small businesses use “hybrid cloud,” offering benefits of cloud computing with server and data onsite offered through a subscription service.

The Intel® AppUp℠ Small Business Service on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform is unique to the market. No other supplier offers an on-premise, pay-as-you-go use model, and the flexibility to choose from a catalog of subscription software on a monthly fee model. For our partners, Intel has built the data center and server infrastructure to enable the metering, remote management, and security that make this new, flexible, and cost effective subscription service possible.

With the Intel Hybrid Cloud offering, your customers can trade high up-front capital expenditures for a scalable monthly operational expense that can scale according to YOUR customer’s business needs. Intel Hybrid Cloud addresses small business concerns of need to access to data locally and operating on LAN speed without dependence on Internet connectivity while working in compliment to cloud-based solutions.




Products Available 

 gloSuite powered by the Intel Hybrid Cloud.


Why Choose

Why choose gloSuite Enterprise?

gloSuite is the only Microsoft-based, locally supported electronic medical record  and practice management solution that gives providers the tools needed to improve patient care and enhance office administration. gloStream’s community of local IT professionals are healthcare IT experts who provide a complete solution that includes software, hardware and services. gloSuite is backed by gloStream’s 15-Day Money Back Success Guarantee which ensures that all gloStream clients get back to full patient load within 15 days of their gloSuite implementation.


Why choose gloSuite on the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform?

Medical practices that choose gloSuite powered by the Intel Hybrid Cloud receive all the benefits of services hosted off-site, the responsiveness and consistency of a local server, and peace of mind that medical data is stored securely at the office.  They also experience a lower upfront investment and predictable monthly pricing, higher technology performance, and confidence that the system will always remain up and running. Ongoing IT expenses are also reduced and practices receive a new, refreshed server every three years. 



Question:  Why is gloSuite powered by the Intel Hybrid Cloud better than a hosted or cloud offering?

Answer:  With the hybrid cloud model, medical practices receive the responsiveness and performance consistency of an on-premise server and there are no worries about slow or intermittent Internet connectivity.


Question:  Why is gloSuite powered by the Intel Hybrid Cloud more cost effective than the traditional way of purchasing hardware and software?

Answer:  There is no need to purchase a server up front, ongoing server maintenance expenses are reduced, and practices receive a new, refreshed server every three years along with predictable monthly pricing.


Question:  Is my data as secure with the Intel Hybrid Cloud model as it would be if I purchased my own on premise server?

Answer:  Unlike other cloud offerings, gloSuite powered by the Intel Hybrid Cloud provides an on-promise server and peace of mind that comes with knowing all medical data is onsite and stored securely. 



Product Requirements


Product Requirements


Software required but not included on the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform:  Microsoft Office on the server and every workstation/laptop using gloSuite.

Software required but already included on the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform:  Windows Server or SBS, Microsoft SQL Server.


Sales and Support Contacts for gloStream Products


Support Contact


E-mail: info@glostream.com

Phone: 877-456-3671

Website:  www.glostream.com

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The Intel AppUpSM Small Business Service Store will be inaccessible during the following times.

  • April 13
    6:00PM-6:30PM (PDT)
  • April 14
    6:30AM- 7:00AM (IST)
NOTE: Intel® Hybrid Cloud server operation, management functions, and automatic data back-up activities will not be affected.