New Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform v3.5

Easier Deployment, Web Control, More Storage, High-Availability Features and more!

On July 3rd, 2012, the Intel AppUp® Small Business Service released Intel® Hybrid Cloud platform version 3.5 making deployment and management of the service easier, more convenient, and more flexible.  Start enjoying the benefits of the new version today!  

Easier Activation and Deployment

Intel Hybrid Cloud platform v3.5 makes it faster and easier to activate and configure servers, speeding your time to revenue. 
  • Auto-registration of server at first bring-up – simplifies and speeds setup process, and allows VMs and Apps to auto-activate after installation.
  • Continuous Software Download – saves time when downloading and installing multiple appliances – next download does not have to wait for prior download to complete installation.

More Convenient Remote Management

Intel Hybrid Cloud platform v3.5 offers more convenient options for remote management.  

  • New optional web-based console for managing deployed servers available through the Intel AppUp Small Business Service Web Portal. 
  • Web console works through your browser and does not require firewall ports to be opened.
  • Enables server management from a broader range of platforms (i.e. Apple, Linux, Mobile devices).

More Capacity and Flexibility for Storage

  • Support for storage greater than 2TB on new platforms, and the addition of external storage to existing platforms. Version 3.5 supports USB drives.  Future versions are expected to support NAS and other storage options. 
  • Multiple VMs can share the same external storage device for data, and backup VMs can be restored entirely on an external storage device.
  • External storage devices can be move from one Intel Hybrid Cloud server to another.

Data Protected from Power Outages with UPS Support 

  • Safe shutdown of software appliances and the Intel Hybrid Cloud server with UPS support.  Power threshold is customizable by the user, and safe shutdown executes when that threshold is reached.  With v3.5, APC* UPS is supported.  Support for additional manufacturers and models is expected in future versions.

More Hardware Options:  High-Availability Features, Rack Mount

  • Dell* PowerEdge* servers now supported, offering hardware RAID, redundant power, IPMI support, and more storage drive options, including up to 6 hot-swappable SAS or SATA drives in rack-mount form factors.
  • Visit the Intel AppUp Small Business Service Store or view the price list to see server and configuration availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I haven’t had training on version 3.5, will there be a problem if I order a new server?

A: All of the existing features are supported with no major changes.  New features offered by version 3.5 are easy to implement and use.  We recommend downloading the User Guide and/or attending the version 3.5 webinar to learn more.  The webinar will be made available for on-demand viewing after it is presented. 

Q:  Can I order servers with 3.1 after July 3, 2012? 

A:  No, all servers except the BDR Appliance will ship with version 3.5 as of July 3, 2012. 

Q: How will the out-of-box experience change for servers with version 3.5

A:  The process for first-bring-up has changed; it is more automated now.  Servers shipped starting July 3 will include a new version of the Quick Start Guide that has been updated with new instructions.  Servers with version 3.5 simply require a live internet connection and power source for first bring-up and auto-registration.  

Q: Can I upgrade servers that shipped prior to v3.5 release?

A: For v3.1 and v3.0, you can order a free upgrade kit by contacting Intel Customer Support.  It will require an onsite visit to the customer site and rebooting of the physical server.  For v2.5 or older servers, contact Intel Customer Support to discuss options. 

Q: Do I have to change anything I’ve been doing with existing servers?

A: No.  The Web Portal will recognize servers with earlier software versions and only provide options that are supported. 

Q: How do I learn more about version 3.5?

A: Download the 3.5 User Guide, or view the Introduction to v3.5 webinar on-demand. 

Q: Anything I need to watch out for?

A:  If you have an existing deployed server with version 3.0 or earlier, and want to add a second server to enable the SIOS Disaster Recovery feature, you will need to upgrade the existing server to version 3.5.  Contact Intel Customer Support for information about upgrade options. 

Software version 3.5 is shipping on ALL new server orders as of July 3, 2012 

Upgrade options for platforms shipped prior to July 3, 2012:

  1. Servers with v3.1 or v3.0 - contact Intel Customer Support to order an upgrade kit.
  2. Servers with v2.5 - contact Intel Customer Support for options.


Note: The BDR Appliance from the Intel AppUp Small Business Service, powered by StorageCraft, does not support version 3.5 yet, and will continue to ship with version 3.0 until further notice.


To order new servers, contact your Intel sales representative or visit

To upgrade previously shipped servers, contact Intel Customer Support.

To learn more about Platform v3.5:

  • Download the Platform v3.5 User Guide
  • View the Platform v3.5 Webinar on-demand