New: Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform v3.6 Update and Citrix* Hotfix

ALERT:  Intel is making an additional enhancements to v3.6 and will have another update available within the next week. To avoid the need to install two separate updates, Intel recommends waiting until the new update is available at which time all v3.6 updates can be made with one installation.   The download link for platform software v3.6 has been disabled and will be made available when the new update is ready.   (The Action Alert for the Citrix* Hotfix will still apply after the new update is installed).


New Features and Fixes – Update Now!

Intel has recently released a software update to improve and enhance the Intel® Hybrid Cloud platform for Intel AppUp® SMB Service customers. In addition to feature enhancements, the 3.6 update will install an important Citrix* hotfix which requires updating the XenTools in any Windows*-based appliances that were installed on Intel Hybrid Cloud Platform version 3.5 or 3.5.1. The 3.6 update will not require a restart of the server hardware and Intel strongly recommends installation of the update at your earliest convenience.


The following new features and fixes are implemented in the new software release:

  1. Support for additional software from the Intel AppUp® SMB Service Store.
  2. An improved software patching mechanism with customization and automation.
  3. Security improvement to the script upload function.
  4. Improved management portal email alerts.
  5. Installation of an important Citrix* hotfix (XS602E002). This Action Alert outlines the steps to upgrade the XenTools in each Windows* appliance after the 3.6 update has been applied.


New Server Manager Client Console Required

The new Intel Hybrid Cloud platform version 3.6 will require the Intel Hybrid Cloud Server Manager Client Console ver 3.6.  Download Now


Software version 3.6 is shipping on ALL new server orders as of November 12, 2012 


Upgrade options for platforms shipped prior to November 12, 2012: 

  • Servers with v3.5 or v3.5.1 – Please refer to the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform version 3.6 User Guide.
  • Servers with v3.1 or v3.0 – Contact Intel Customer Support to order an upgrade kit.
  • Servers with v2.5 – Contact Intel Customer Support for options.


Note: The BDR Appliance from the Intel AppUp SMB Service, powered by StorageCraft, does not support version 3.6 yet, and will continue to ship with version 3.0 until further notice.


Additional Resources

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Intel Hybrid Cloud Server Manager Client Console ver 3.6

Action Alert:  Citrix Hotfix Instructions


To order new servers, contact your Intel sales representative or visit

To upgrade previously shipped servers, contact Intel Customer Support.


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