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Intel AppUp® SMB Service Announces New Apps to the Catalog, New Features to the Service, Enhanced Security, and More


The Intel AppUp SMB Service proves to be the perfect solution for Service Providers to enable their small business customers to shift the cost of IT to a  pay-as-you-go expense and for Service Providers looking to create monthly subscription revenue.


I’m proud to announce that since our launch in May  the Intel AppUp® SMB Service has almost tripled, with new applications added to the Catalog, more hardware options, and enhanced features to the service! 


The expansion of our Intel AppUp SMB Service  (click here for all of our Catalog software and hardware options), and the growing number of  channel reseller partners participating, validate our efforts to bring cost effective cloud-enabled hardware and software solutions to small businesses.


Consistent with Intel’s strategy to build better user experiences by enabling software solutions on hardware reference platforms, we defined and enabled our Intel AppUp SMB Service, built on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform, for our reseller partners to provide small businesses the benefits of cloud business models without sacrificing the control and performance of local applications.


The Intel AppUp SMB Service is comprised of a hardware platform available from leading manufacturers, a catalog of applications from a broad range of independent software vendors and a service to securely monitor and manage usage of the system.   Packaged as a total, end-to-end solution, the Intel AppUp SMB Service makes it easy to leverage the cloud, reduce delivery costs, and to build long term customer relationships.


We realized that for the Intel AppUp SMB Service to be embraced, it would need to meet the most important needs of both Service Providers and their small business customers.


First, we needed to demonstrate to Service Providers that we had a product and service that would help them grow in a time when many businesses are just trying to stay relevant and competitive. We’ve proven  to our partners that  we have the solution that they need and that their customers want.    Benefits for our resellers includes:


  • Quickly and remotely download applications to customer on- premises server
  • Ability to add customer-specific appliances
  • Create new offers by bundling the apps with their services
  • Generate new monthly revenue streams
  • Extend and enhance long term customer relationships


Second, we wanted give our Service Provider Resellers the tools  that support their marketing activities and help them make sales. That’s why our current quarterly promotions are targeted to helping our resellers generate demand, market their value and drive new business.


We knew that once service providers realized the significant value the Intel AppUp SMB Service could have on their business, they would jump behind the service offering.


Small businesses also need to see meaningful benefits to their business. Service Provider’s have been able to successfully demonstrate to small businesses important, immediate benefits:


  • Eliminate paying for software licenses they don’t use (Cut capital expenses)
  • Save and secure their critical business data on premises
  • Run their applications locally onsite for better responsiveness
  • Add new applications (available at their fingertips)
  • Enjoy a regularly scheduled hardware refresh every 3 years, allowing their hardware to keep up with their growth.


Now, with Intel AppUp SMB Service, small businesses are saving money and the Service Providers enjoy a new monthly revenue stream, a winning proposition for everyone.


The Success of Intel AppUp SMB Services is Changing the Way Software Providers Deliver Their Products.


Leading software vendors realize they can reach more service providers and more small businesses by partnering with Intel, and offering their software as part of the Intel AppUp SMB catalog.  Small businesses want  low monthly subscription pricing that allows them to maintain financial flexibility while accessing the software they need to run their business. 


These software vendors also realize that Intel AppUp SMB catalog gives service provides an easy, no cost way to deploy their complete solution to their end customers.


Intel is committed to providing more value to our partner community.  By continuing to expand and enhance our Intel AppUp SMB Service, we are looking to increase our value proposition and reach more partners.


I wish continued success to everyone who is part of our offering and who is reselling our subscription service.  We thank you for your partnership.


If you would like to find out more about how you can make money by being part of the Intel Hybrid Cloud program and the Intel AppUp SMB Service click here.


Bridget Karlin

General Manager, Intel® Hybrid Cloud organization

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