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Intel Hybrid Cloud Description

Intel® AppUp℠ Small Business Service on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform

Intel AppUp℠ Small Business Service lets small businesses use “hybrid cloud,” offering benefits of cloud computing with server and data onsite offered through a subscription service.

The Intel® AppUp℠ Small Business Service on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform is unique to the market. No other supplier offers an on-premise, pay-as-you-go use model, and the flexibility to choose from a catalog of subscription software on a monthly fee model. For our partners, Intel has built the data center and server infrastructure to enable the metering, remote management, and security that make this new, flexible, and cost effective subscription service possible.

With the Intel Hybrid Cloud offering, your customers can trade high up-front capital expenditures for a scalable monthly operational expense that can scale according to YOUR customer’s business needs. Intel Hybrid Cloud addresses small business concerns of need to access to data locally and operating on LAN speed without dependence on Internet connectivity while working in compliment to cloud-based solutions.




Products Available 

KineticROBOBAK Express - v11
KineticROBOBAK SP - v11
KineticROBOBAK Executive Client - v11


Why Choose

Why chose KineticROBOBAK?


Hybrid Cloud - or Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud - Backup solutions are quickly replacing tape for backing up files and databases. Their ability to automate the backup process across an entire organization - including branch office, remote offices and mobile users - is unmatched. KineticROBOBAK is an award winning software that features leading edge technology that further increases the efficiency of such a solution. Global, blocklevel deduplication at the source and incremental forever backups not only conserve bandwidth and storage consumption but also drastically decrease backup time. Continuous Data Protection with seamless pause-and-resume automates backup of data on systems that are not always on. Specialized backup clients for desk & laptops on one side and server environments on the other give IT administrators full control, including the ability to remotely install and control all backup clients. Our simple one-price subscription model minimizes your upfront investment and enables you to pay as you grow.


Why a Small business has an advantage using your product with the Intel Hybrid Cloud Platform?


KineticROBOBAK's compatibility with Intel AppUp℠ Small Business Service means, that our customers now have the option to launch their Hybrid Cloud Backup service without any upfront hardware cost. This ties in perfectly with KineticROBOBAK's easy one-price subscription model. This powerful combination allows you to truly pay-as-you-go without the headache of capacity planning or future scenario analysis.




Question:What is KineticROBOBAK

Answer:KineticROBOBAK is an award winning software by KineticD and expert in Cloud Backup with 20 years of experience. It enables MSPs and SMBs to launch a 100% whitelabelled Hybrid Cloud Backup offering for servers and mobile users cost effectively within days.


Question:What is a Hybrid Cloud Backup solution?

Answer: Hybrid Cloud Backup or Disk-to-Disk –to-Cloud backup solution, is software that enables backup as a centralized service that is than offered by the IT department of a business to its users or an MSP to its customers. Backup clients get installed on premise or the endpoint and automatically connect the service to perform regular backups. Recovery is made easy via a seucre web portal. Classically the focus of Hybrid Cloud Back has been on files and databases although as bandwidth, data reduction and virtualization technologies improve it is also use for bare metal backup and system failover.


Question:How is KineticROBOBAK different from its competitors, let’s say Asigra?

Answer: KineticROBOBAK combines leading edge technology (deduplication, agentless backup, CDP, incremental forever, etc.) with a broad support for widely used SMB applications (Exchange, QuickBooks, SQL, Hyper-V, SharePoint, VM Ware etc.) and an easy one-price subscription model, that keeps costs low. Additionally it scales to support PetaBytes of data on standard Intel-based hardware and direct attached storage.


Question:What do is KineticD’s core competency?

Answer:The KineticD team has over 20 years of experience in Cloud Backup. Our focus is to continue to innovate this space with leading edge technology that improve backup and recovery times, reduce bandwidth and storage consumption and optimize scalability and availability of Cloud Backup services.


Question:How long has KineticROBOBAK been in business? Are you profitable?

Answer:KineticD was founded in 2002.. The company has been profitable since 2005 and works with 40,000 Business User on a daily basis. An extensive network of 1,000 Resellers and over 100 MSP and OEM partners support customers in most of the world.


Product Requirements


Product Requirements

KineticROBOBAK Express - v11 Windows server 2008 R2/2008/2003, MS SQL 2005/2008/2008R2, IIS 6.0+, .NET 4.0
KineticROBOBAK SP –v11 Windows server 2008 R2/2008/2003, MS SQL 2005/2008/2008R2, IIS 6.0+, .NET 4.0
KineticROBOBAK Executive Client - v11 Windows 2000/XP/Vista/WIn7, Windows server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2


Sales and Support Contacts for Kinetic Products


Support Contact

KineticROBOBAK Express - v11

KineticROBOBAK SP –v11

KineticROBOBAK Executive Client - v11
Name: Ben Puzzuoli
Address: 1 Eglinton Avenue, Suite 407, Toronto, ON
E-mail: support@kineticd.com
Phone: 1.866.430.2406 x1
Website: www.kineticd.com

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