Q3 2012 Promotion: Free Software for 30 Days and up to $13,000 in Promotions Available From Intel and SPC*, Now Through September 30th.

When you sign a new 36-month contract and order two new Intel® Hybrid Cloud Servers** by September 30th, you can take advantage of:
  • Free software on your IHC servers for one month***
  • q3 promo
  • SPC* Lifetime Enterprise Membership ($299 per month value)
  • Free website built by SPC (Search Engine Optimized and free updates)
  • Access to the new SPC Training Portal for one quarter (Includes training videos and testing. $299 per month value)

Qualifying Packages:

  • Operating Systems and Infrastructure:
    • Microsoft
    • Lumension
  • Accounting:
    • Intuit QuickBooks Premier 2012
    • Lumension
  • Security:
    • McAfee EPO Suite
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance
    • BDR software bundle




Promotion Details:

  • No claim required.  Discount will be applied to first software usage invoice of contract term.
    • Note: Invoices are based on calendar months (i.e. Sept 1-30). “First month free” applies to the first calendar month of usage in which the server and software are activated. Depending on when you activate the server, you may not actually receive a full month’s worth of usage for the first month’s invoice.
  • 36-month Contract must be signed and server and contract software must be activated by September 30th, 2012
  • Promotion applies only to the software in the 36 month packages
  • Cancellation fee applies


All standard contract terms apply. Cancellation fee is equal to 3 months of contract price.
Terms and Conditions


an Intel Hybrid Cloud Representative to get started.


Intel is performing routine maintenance on our Management Portal infrastructure on Saturday, November 17th, between 6am and 12:00 noon PDT. You may see intermittent outages of the login facility during this period.