No Binding Lease, Credit Application or Cancellation Fees - Order Your New Servers by December 15, 2012 – Supplies Limited

Now you can benefit from the latest Lenovo* server technology and business software from Intel’s AppUp® SMB Service catalog, offering the scalability to meet your customers’ needs, with no commitment, and no risk.

Choose a pre-paid month-to-month or one-year rental of the Lenovo* TS130 server and save up to 19%. This is your no-risk opportunity to deliver hybrid cloud computing to your SMB customers and generate recurring revenue.

Follow These Three Easy Steps to Get Started:

  1. Register** with the Intel AppUp® SMB Service
  2. Log in to the store and order one of the special rental hardware/software bundles
  3. Activate your server. When your Intel® Hybrid Cloud server arrives, activate it, and it will immediately connect to the Intel AppUp® SMB Service store and automatically download the software part of the bundle

How it works:

  • Prepay 1 month at a time, or prepay for 12 months (up to 19% discount) – billed to credit card
  • Additional software, services or users may be added at standard rates and will be billed in the month following usage


  • No Risk: If you decide to cancel, simply return the hardware to Intel
  • Easy Monthly Billing: No huge upfront costs for hardware and software
  • Hybrid Cloud Solution: Get cloud-like flexibility with the confidence of remotely managed on-premises hardware
  • Powerful Remote Management & Maintenance Tools: With a robust catalog of business software available

SKUs available in the Intel AppUp® SMB Service Store:

Bundle SKU Server Hardware Microsoft* OS
IHC-BUNDL-TS130-010 (1-month)
IHC-BUNDL-TS130-011 (12-month)
Lenovo* Server TS130 Xeon® E3-1235/8GB/2x1TB Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008 R2 (Unlimited users)
IHC-BUNDL-TS130-012 (1-month)
IHC-BUNDL-TS130-013 (12-month)
Lenovo* Server TS130 Xeon® E3-1235/8GB/2x1TB Microsoft* Windows* Small Business Server 2011 Standard (5 users)
IHC-BUNDL-TS130-020 (1-month)
IHC-BUNDL-TS130-021 (12-month)
Lenovo* Server TS130 Xeon® E3-1275/16GB/2x2TB Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008 R2 (Unlimited users)
IHC-BUNDL-TS130-022 (1-month)
IHC-BUNDL-TS130-023 (12-month)
Lenovo* Server TS130 Xeon® E3-1275/16GB/2x2TB Microsoft* Windows* Small Business Server 2011 Standard (5 users)

Visit the Store and click on “Servers-Rental” for more details on the Lenovo* Server TS130 bundle pricing and a complete product description.

Terms and Conditions:

Intel® Hybrid Cloud Hardware & Software Rental Bundle Service

If you have ordered the Intel Hybrid® Cloud Hardware and Software Rental Bundle Service ("Rental") from the Intel AppUp® SMB Service store, the following additional terms (in addition to the terms of the MSP agreement) will apply to your rental agreement.

1. Each “Rental” includes the rental of one or more Intel Hybrid Cloud hardware server(s) ("Hardware") as stated in your Subscription order.

2. The term of the Rental will be either “month-to-month” or a 12-month subscription, as stated in your order, and will renew automatically unless cancelled. For a month-to-month rental, you will be billed each month. If you choose a 12-month subscription, you will be billed for the full term prior to activation. You will provide Intel with the ZIP code of the end-user location where the Hardware is deployed so that Intel may properly calculate taxes. It is your responsibility to inform Intel immediately if the Hardware location changes over the course of this agreement: Intel Customer Support - 1-800-404-22841 (07:00 to 17:00 PST Monday - Friday).

3. The Hardware is owned by Intel and only rented to you for the term of the rental or subscription agreement. At the end of the rental or subscription you agree to completely remove all software and data from the Hardware in accordance with industry standards of data destruction, and will provide proof of compliance to Intel upon request. Additionally, you agree to return the Hardware in packaging that is appropriate for shipping and ensure that the Hardware is delivered in good working condition to the following address at your own expense: 1900 Prairie City Road, FM2-Data Center, Folsom CA 95630 (or other location if specified by Intel).

4. If the Hardware is not returned at the end of the rental or subscription agreement or is damaged at the time of return, you agree that you will pay, and Intel can bill you for either, the entire retail cost of the Hardware or the cost of repair of the Hardware (if Hardware is returned damaged), whichever is less. The risk of loss or damage to the Hardware is borne by you during the term of the rental or subscription, and until the Hardware is returned to Intel.

**To view pricing you must first register with the Intel® Hybrid Cloud program and be logged-in. To register, click on “Member Registration” in the web page banner.


Intel is performing routine maintenance on our Management Portal infrastructure on Saturday, November 17th, between 6am and 12:00 noon PDT. You may see intermittent outages of the login facility during this period.