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Finally, An On-Line IT Store for Small Businesses!

Pay-as-You-Go Software, Data Saved On-Site, No Capex

Intel AppUpSM Small Business Service

Built on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud platform


As a small business, you know you need information technology to be competitive, but technology options can be confusing, expensive and often require  significant up-front  cash. The Intel AppUp Small Business Service is an innovative new subscription-based service that provides you applications, available from an on-line catalog, that are installed on a server on-site that is remotely managed by your managed service provider on a pay-as-you-go basis. Small businesses like yours get the benefits of services “in the cloud,” with the responsiveness of on-premises applications, plus the confidence of having their data securely on site under their control.


  • Easy, Affordable, Latest & Greatest IT Technology To Help You Gain Flexibility for Your Business – Pay as You Go

  • Local Experts Manage Your Solutions Remotely

  • Conserve Capital and Credit Lines by Paying for Solutions Only as Needed

  • Reduce the Complexity of Licensing


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Easy, Affordable, Latest & Greatest IT Technology to Help You Grow

With the pay-as-you-go AppUp Small Business Service, now you can afford the same kinds of full featured services and solutions that large companies use, which will help you stay competitive and efficient. Streamline your company’s operations with centralized file sharing and printing, e-mail, Internet connectivity, and the ability to create intranets. This helps you and your staff to easily share thoughts, ideas, calendars, and experiences, increasing your ability to seize opportunities. All this runs on an Intel® Xeon® processor-based server for fast and reliable operation.

Gain Flexibility for Your Business – Pay as You Go

Pay for software on a monthly usage basis. Don’t get stuck with software for which you’ve had to make a huge investment to purchase up-front license fees. Your monthly cost relates to the number of users, offering a predictable, manageable and affordable way to pay for software.  You can grow or reduce monthly software costs or even choose different software as business conditions and the number of users change.

Local Experts Manage Your Solutions

With your Managed Service Provider (MSP) remotely managing the server and solutions which are on-site at your office, you can focus on your business rather than on IT concerns. No more spending time and money setting up new users and acquiring their software licenses or managing hard drives, software updates, security, patch management and installations.

Conserve Capital and Credit Lines by Paying for Solutions Only as Needed

Pay for your server(s) and solutions on a monthly basis. This can save you thousands of dollars in up front costs and significant hours figuring what solutions fit together, as well as installing and configuring them. Your monthly costs are based on the services you select and you pay via a monthly subscription model. Enjoy broad flexibility in adding or switching software solutions or changing how many users you have. Pay as you go and pay as you grow!

Reduce the Complexity of Licensing

All licenses for the products are included in the ‘per user’ fee, thus eliminating license management responsibilities for your company. Intel takes care of the licensing aspect of this solution, thus alleviating you from the burden of costly license management. Your expenses become more predictable so you can forecast your cash flow and get on with doing business as you need to.

Solutions in the Catalog:

The Intel AppUp Small Business Service catalog includes leading, in-demand solutions from Microsoft* Windows Small Business Server (including Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint & Lync Communicator) and Microsoft* Windows Server, as well as other solutions for security, backup, accounting and more. Work with your MSP to select the best options for your business needs.

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Services & Solutions Available for Your Small Business
through the Intel AppUp Small Business Service


An On-Line IT Store For Small Business you can trust:

  • With the Intel AppUp Small Business Service catalog, your local MSP can remotely manage and access a full catalog of pre-configured applications to help you choose the software you want to run and easily make changes as your company needs it.
  • You can rest assured your IT needs can be met remotely through options including firewall/unified threat management (UTM), dependable backup, and disaster recovery.
  • Each software appliance runs on a separate virtual machine, allowing individual management of each appliance and isolation for reconfiguration or troubleshooting by your MSP.



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