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Server Setup & Activation

General Setup Documents

  • Quick Start Guide » For initial set-up and configuration of the Intel® Hybrid Cloud server and management software.
  • Network Port Configuration »
  • Additional Setup Documents » In addition to the Quick Start Guide, these documents are required to set up and configure the Intel Hybrid Cloud server. This file contains the following documents: Password Guide, Preliminary Setup Guide, and Server Management form (to record setup data for your records).
  • User Guide » Contains the various features available for configuring and managing the Intel Hybrid Cloud server (including remote management of firewall, data backup and virtual appliances).
  • Server Manager Download » Intel® Hybrid Cloud server manager provides remote and local access for a variety of management functions.
  • Release Notes » The release notes contain information that is specific to each the software release (for the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform).

BDR Setup Documents

  • BDR Appliance Quick Start Guide
  • BDR License Guides
  • BDR Appliance User Guide

Server Setup & Activation Assistance

Received your server and ready to set it up? Schedule an appointment to set up your Intel Hybrid Cloud server by calling Intel Customer Support at 1-800-404-2284.
  • Prework Requirements » Complete the prework activities before your Server Setup Appointment.
Learn more about Intel AppUp® SMB Service and the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform through events, webinars, workshops, recorded videos and individual working sessions.

Appliance & Application Download

  • Intel AppUp® SMB Service Store » Download appliances and applications for your Intel Hybrid Cloud servers.
  • Important Appliance Integration Notes » The software appliance user guides include important integration notes. Follow the instructions provided in the user guides before installing or using the appliances on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud server.

Patching & Usage Reporting

  • Usage Reporting – Issue Troubleshooting »
  • VMLC agent service – Troubleshooting »
  • Management Portal Patch » Select the “Patch” link from the menu on the left.

Product & Warranty Support

  • Technical FAQ » Answers for Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Troubleshooting Guide » Provides contexts, scenarios and symptoms to help you determine the root cause and effectively identify the appropriate solution.
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