Test Drive the Intel AppUp® SMB Service

MSPs, are you trying to decide if the Intel AppUp® SMB Service is right for you and your customers?  Here is your opportunity to get a hands-on, guided test drive of the Intel AppUp SMB Service.  Get first-hand experience with an Intel® Hybrid Cloud server, the catalog, and the management console through a live test environment. 


Access a live server in a simulated small business environment  

The test drive simulates a small business environment in which you are remotely managing an Intel Hybrid Cloud server for your customer.  You will be able to manage and test this environment remotely as if you were managing an Intel Hybrid Cloud server at one of your customers’ locations.


Manage, modify, and control the server

Through a remote connection, you will be able to access the server, software virtual machines running on the server, the management portal and the Intel AppUp SMB Service Store. Through the Store, you can try out additional software appliances and applications by downloading and installing them to the server on-demand. In the software virtual machines, you can install custom applications for performance and compatibility testing. 


Instructional Workbooks

You will be provided with a workbook to help you navigate through some of the more popular usage scenarios with the Intel® Hybrid Cloud server management software. The workbook offers step-by-step processes and detailed exercises to showcase performance, usage models and diagnostic tasks. The guide also describes how the Intel AppUp SMB Service solution adds value over traditional cloud solutions.  

Three Different Test Drives Are Available:

  1. 1. The Basic Intel® Hybrid Cloud server:  Features a scalable, pre-configured server configured with a Windows* Server virtual machine and a firewall virtual machine. The workbook leads you through the key remote-management capabilities of the Intel Hybrid Cloud Platform.
  2. 2. Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance (BDR): In this test drive, the software and hardware are pre-configured for BDR, powered by StorageCraft ShadowProtect Server 4* and Intel® Quick Access Technology.  The workbook will lead you through the full usage of the BDR appliance to backup and recover a Server OS, simulating a recovery of a crashed server utilizing Intel® Quick Access Technology and highlighting both the StorageCraft software features and the unique capabilities of the BDR appliance.  In the event of a system or disk failure, the BDR appliance can quickly restore a virtual machine copy of the backed-up images as a recovered production server or client machine. The BDR offers fast onsite and offsite recovery for your SMB clients.
  3. 3. Application of the Month software:  Each month a software partner in the Intel AppUp SMB Service catalog is highlighted, offering an opportunity to try out new software through the Intel® Hybrid Cloud server remote environment before offering it to small business clients. The software is preinstalled in the server and includes a workbook to guide you through key capabilities of the software. The Application of the Month is rotated monthly to showcase new and popular appliances and applications.  http://intelhybridcloud.com/appofthemonth.html.

Get Started Now

seat through an Intel representative by emailing and indicating which test drive you would like to schedule. Upon request, you will receive information via email on how and when to access the test drive environment.  The Test Drive program is available at no charge and your test drive will have an activation life of 5 consecutive business days.   If you have any additional questions, please contact .